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There are several risk factors in every pregnancy. In a “High-Risk” Pregnancy there are increased health risks for the pregnant woman, fetus, or for both. To reduce the possibility of complicated pregnancy and childbirth, women with high-risk pregnancies need extra care and a maintained lifestyle before, during, and after they give birth.

However, having a high risk pregnancy doesn’t mean you or your unborn baby will have severe health complications. Several women with High Risk Pregnancy experience healthy gestation period and normal childbirth under proper guidance, care, and monitoring. Dr.Priyankur Roy, at our Roy’s Clinic is the best high risk pregnancy doctor in Siliguri to have a healthy and safe delivery.

Early and thorough prenatal care is the best way to detect a high-risk pregnancy. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you must avail of special monitoring throughout your pregnancy.

Tests to monitor your health during high risk pregnancy:

  • Blood And Urine Test(To Check Foetal Genetic Condition)
  • Ultrasonography(To Screen For Birth Defects)
  • Monitoring Biophysical Activities
  • Biophysical Profile Check
  • Amniotic Fluid Test
  • Heart Rate Check-Up

Based on the specific risk factors, the management of your High-Risk pregnancy will be decided.

You may rely on our efficient monitoring:

  • Closer Follow-Up From The Early Stages
  • Consultation With Our High-Risk Pregnancy Specialist Doctor
  • Regular Guidance For Daily Lifestyle
  • Ultrasonography And Closer Foetal Growth Monitoring
  • Home Visit For Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Careful Monitoring Of Medications Used To Manage Pre-existing Conditions

Several women with high-risk pregnancies don’t experience any problems and deliver healthy babies.

But There Are Some Higher Health Risks In The Future:

  • Complications During Future Pregnancies
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Postpartum Depression

During your high-risk pregnancy days, both you and your baby may need extra care and monitoring. But do not get panicked about it. Be sure to get thorough proper check-up & care under the monitoring of Dr.Priyankur Roy, the best High Risk Pregnancy doctor in Siliguri.

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