What Is Endometriosis & How To Get Resolved?

What Is Endometriosis & How To Get Resolved?


Endometriosis is a painful female disease where tissues similar to the tissue are developed in a lining pattern in the outer wall of the uterus. Your ovary, fallopian tube, and pelvis are affected by endometriosis disorder. In this case, infrequently endometrial tissues are developed outside the pelvic organ area.

In endometriosis disease endometrial tissues thicken, seize up, and bleed heavily during each menstrual cycle. If you have experienced the worst period days in every month, you need to consult IVF doctors in Siliguri immediately. Not only menstrual disorder endometriosis also induces infertility issues.

Endometriosis: Synonyms

Many signs are seen for endometriosis but the most common symptom is heavy pelvic pain during menstruation. But not all patients face symptoms. Some don’t have an idea about endometriosis until they appear for tests for infertility. Some common symptoms of endometriosis are as follows:

  • Heavy cramps during red days
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Abdominal pain
  • Back pain
  • Infertility
  • Inflammation during bowel movement
  • Heavy bleeding during menstruation

Endometriosis: Cause

There is no particular reason lies behind endometriosis. While tissue similar to the tissue develops at the outside of your uterus, it causes endometriosis. While the growth of the tissue creates a disturbance in the fallopian tube, intestine, ovaries, and pelvic cavity area it creates a heavy pain in the pelvic zone. Sometimes it may be the reason for adhesion and fibrosis.

Endometriosis: Diagnosis

Heavy periodical cramps and excessive bleeding during those days can reach you to the doctor. Your OBGYN doctor initially asks some questions about your medical history, previous pregnancy, and family history of endometriosis.

After that, he or she will do a pelvic exam physically. If both of them make a green signal your gynaecologist advises for ultrasound. Depending on the image of the ultrasound the doctor may advise you for an MRI test.

Sometimes your healthcare provider advises you for laparoscopy, where he or she will get a detailed image of your uterus and pelvic portion. If a biopsy is needed, the sample is then sent to a lab for further discussion.

If you have silent endometriosis which you don’t generally feel any symptoms then your doctor advises some different tests for you.

Endometriosis: Treatment

Endometriosis is the reason behind infertility. Whether you are having a problem in gestation, your physician suggests you visit IVF doctors in Siliguri for treatment. Fertility treatment means reviving your ovary which helps produce eggs for in vitro fertilization process. There are some other treatments like medication processes, hormonal therapy, and conservative surgeries that help to prevent pain.

Women with endometriosis can experience heavy periods, chronic pain, and trouble getting pregnant.  However, visiting a doctor can help you to get resolve your problems. Follow up on your doctor’s guidelines to achieve pregnancy.

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