Top 9 Probable Causes Of Male Infertility

Top 9 Probable Causes Of Male Infertility


Infertility has become a common problem among couples but it is not always related to female reproductive issues since male-related infertility can also create several issues during conception. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of male infertility such as sudden weight gain, recurrent infections, impotence, and tiredness then you can seek the guidance from our IVF doctor in Siliguri

The doctor will first diagnose your condition to determine the underlying conditions behind the fertility issues. Semen analysis is one of the most recommended tests that help in determining the quality and volume of the semen sample. Other than this, the doctor may also perform a urinalysis, imaging test, testicular biopsy, and blood tests to develop an effective treatment plan. 

Some Of The Common Causes That Can Lead To Male Infertility

1. Ejaculation Problems 

One of the main causes of female infertility is ejaculation issues which include premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, and delayed ejaculation. The main causes of ejaculation problems include depression, prostate problems, diabetes, advanced age, and prostate gland surgery. 

To treat these disorders, the doctor may recommend certain medications, sex therapy, or psychosexual counselling. This will help the patient to overcome the physical and psychological barriers affecting ejaculation. 

2. Hormonal Imbalances 

Hormonal balance is a serious health condition that can not only impact your energy levels and sleep cycle but it can also cause infertility. The common types of hormonal imbalance among men are hypo and hyperthyroidism, andropause, and adrenal fatigue. 

The common signs of hormonal imbalance other than infertility that you shouldn’t ignore are changes in heartbeat, sudden weight loss, and depression. The doctor can prescribe hormonal supplements to cure this issue.

3. Infections 

Another health condition when you must consult a best IVF doctor in Siliguri is infections. Infections are highly associated with infertility as they can cause scarring and reduce sperm production. 

Some of the types of infections that require immediate medical attention are gonorrhoea, epididymitis, orchitis, and HIV. If not treated properly then these infections can lead to permanent damage to the testicles leading to infertility. 

4. Environmental Factors 

Male infertility is not associated with health issues but it can also be caused due to certain environmental factors. The sperm function and sperm production can be reduced if your reproductive system is overexposed to toxins, heat, and chemicals. 

If you have to work with heavy metal exposure, radiation, and industrial chemicals then your sperm quantity can be reduced permanently. This is why IVF doctors always recommend avoiding sitting for long hours and wearing tight undergarments.

5. Abnormal Sperm Morphology 

One of the main causes of male infertility is abnormal sperm morphology which is examined by a IVF doctor through a semen analysis. Abnormal sperm often has tail or head defects that make it difficult to swim and penetrate the mature egg. 

The abnormal shape of the sperm can be caused due to certain genetic traits, high testicular temperature, and infections. ICSI can be considered as the best infertility treatment for these patients where a healthy sperm is directly injected into the egg. 

6. Substance Use 

Substance use can be another contributing factor to infertility. If you have a history of alcohol and drug abuse then it can cause decreased sperm production, shrinkage of the testicles, low testosterone levels, and erectile dysfunction which can lead to infertility.  

Smoking and secondhand smoke can also affect male fertility rates as it can cause low sperm count. If you’re trying to conceive then it is always recommended to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and stop smoking.

7. Varicocele 

Another common condition that can cause male infertility is varicocele, which leads to the enlargement of the veins present in the scrotum. Varicocele can be the main cause of low sperm production and improper development of the testicles. 

Some of the common symptoms of varicocele include an abnormal mass in the scrotum, pain, and different size of the testicles. To minimize the risks of irreversible infertility, the doctor can perform microscopic or laparoscopic varicocelectomy.

8. Sperm Transportation Issues 

Any obstruction in the sperm transportation system can also cause infertility. Sperm transportation issues can be caused due to damage or missing of the sperm ducts, surgical obstruction, congenital conditions, and acquired obstruction due to certain diseases or infections. 

In such cases, the sperm are usually collected directly from the testicles with the help of IVF. After a successful fertilization of the eggs with the sperm, the embryo is then transferred into the uterus for a successful implantation.

9. Obesity

If you suffer from obesity then it can lead to the development of certain health conditions such as hormonal changes. This is why obesity is considered a major factor behind infertility as it can directly affect sperm production. The other probable consequences of obesity are low testosterone levels, poor DNA integrity, and decreased sperm concentration. 

Consulting our Ivf treatment expert will not only help you to avail of the best reproductive technologies but it will also help in determining the measures to prevent permanent infertility. Some such measures include smoking cessation, stress management, and maintaining a healthy weight. 

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