Visit IVF Center To Improve Fertility

Visit IVF Center To Improve Fertility


Infertility is a medical condition that creates problems during pregnancy. Though it affects both men and women, mostly, women face the suffering side. When couples are unable to conceive a baby after a certain period, then they are called infertile. Visiting a doctor is always helpful for couples who are willing to achieve parenthood.

Women who are infertile might face irregular menstruation, while men who have such a problem might get suffered from a hormonal difference. Visiting the best IVF center in Siliguri might be game-changing as it brings hope to those infertile couples to achieve baby success.  

What Causes Infertility?


The ovulation and fertilization process when completed impeccably, a woman gets pregnant fluently. Indeed so, some obstacles are from either men's or women’s side. The reasons for women's infertility are:

Chaos in ovulation creates a disturbance to the release of eggs from the ovary. This is because of inordinate or less thyroid hormone in a woman’s body. This also affects the regular periodical cycle.

An abnormal shape of the uterus or having a tumor in the uterus wall may chock the fallopian tube. The blocked fallopian tube is frequently caused by pelvis pain. Sexual infection is responsible for endometriosis.

For women, the periodical cycle is stopped introductory to the age of 40. The reason behind menopause is immune system complaints or radiation therapy.


Sperm product becomes veritably low because of testicle disturbance, diabetes, infections or other heretical issues appear. Unseasonable ejaculation, damaged sex organ, and choked testicles produce obstacles to sperm production.

Some environmental and external factors may affect fertility. In taking fungicides via food, steroid drugs, unhealthy cultures, excessive smoking, consuming alcohol, radiation therapy, and bacterial infection may tend to infertility.

Diagnosis & Treatment

After diagnosing manly or womanish infertility treatment is started. There are several ways of treatment available now. Moreover, infertility treatment depends on the nature of infertility, its period, the couple’s age, and your choice.

Consult a specialist who will help you to increase your sperm count, and enhance the testicular system and the quality of sperm. The process will help your female partner to get impregnated easily.

Fertility drugs help a woman get relief from infertility. The medicine helps to cure your ovulation complaint. As the drugs have both benefits and side effects, consult an IVF doctor before in taking them.

With the support of IUI treatment lay down sperm in a woman’s womb while the ovary starts to release eggs. The IUI process still depends on the nature of infertility and it is regulated by some medicines.

Hence, before deciding to take IUI or any other fertility treatments visit the best IVF center in Siliguri for proper guidance. Have trust in your doctor and don’t be depressed, he will take you on the enlightened path of parenting.

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