7 Lifestyle Improvements To Enhance Your Fertility Rates

7 Lifestyle Improvements To Enhance Your Fertility Rates


Female infertility is the inability to sustain a healthy pregnancy despite trying for more than a year. Anyone can get affected by fertility issues which can be associated with several health conditions such as fallopian tube blockage, advanced age, uterine condition, and ovulation problems. You can contact our Infertility Specialist in Siliguri to determine the causes of infertility and recommend effective treatment options. 

Our Ivf expert will refer you to the best assisted reproductive technology procedures such as IVF, ICSI, egg donation, and IUI, which can enable you to enjoy a healthy pregnancy. The doctor can also recommend certain lifestyle improvements to raise your fertility rates and chances of pregnancy naturally. 

Effective Lifestyle Improvements That Can Enhance Your Fertility Rates 

1. Manage Stress 

Infertility can cause severe stress but you must also know the fact that stress can also be one of the major factors behind infertility. Stress not only increases the chances of premenstrual pain and pregnancy complications but it can also lead to ovarian dysfunction which can reduce fertility rates.

This is why it is always essential to adopt the required measures to manage stress which include communicating with your partner and taking care of your health. You can also practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation to activate the relaxation response of your body. 

2. Maintain Proper Body Weight 

Another lifestyle improvement that you must undertake is to maintain proper body weight. You must always check and maintain your body mass index to minimize the risks associated with obesity. Women who are overweight or obese have high risks of infertility due to disrupted hormonal balance. 

This hormonal issue also negatively impacts the menstrual cycle and causes abdominal fat which is also associated with infertility. You can focus on your portion sizes, develop a regular exercise regimen, and indulge in a nutritious diet to maintain normal body weight. 

3. Stop Smoking 

Another highly effective measure recommended by our Siliguri based infertility specialist is to improve fertility is to stop smoking. Both primary and secondary infertility are associated with smoking which increases the chances of stillbirth and development of other serious pregnancy complications. 

The negative impact of smoking on hormone production is considered the main reason behind infertility, where permanent damage is also done to the reproductive organs. Not only that but you must also encourage your partner to stop smoking since second-hand smoke can also play a significant role in infertility.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet 

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is one of the most beneficial ways to improve your fertility rates. You can indulge in an antioxidant, fibre, and protein-rich diet which can improve the quality of your egg cells and maintain the levels of estrogen and progesterone to reduce the risks of infertility. 

Some food options that you must include in your diet are oats, fruits, nuts, and grains. You must also consider eating a fulfilling breakfast and avoid food with Trans-fat to minimize the chances of ovulatory infertility. It is also advised to cut down on carbs and caffeine intake to ensure a successful pregnancy.

5. Get Proper Sleep 

Maintaining a poor sleeping schedule affects your mental and physical health while decreasing your fertility rates. This is why you must always maintain a 7-9 hours sleeping routine to properly give rest to your body and reduce the chances of infertility. 

This lifestyle improvement will also contribute to decreasing the chances of menstrual irregularities and ovulatory dysfunction. You can reduce screen timing before sleeping time and maintain a good ambience to promote quality sleep at night. If you have insomnia tendencies then you can contact our fertility doctor in Siliguri who can prescribe you effective medications to sleep properly.

6. Exercise Regularly 

The risk of infertility can also be decreased by including a moderate exercise regimen in your daily routine. You can indulge in yoga, cardio exercise, strength training, and pilates in your exercise schedule to boost fertility while improving insulin, and hormonal balance, and reducing stress. Women undergoing IVF can also have higher success rates if indulging in regular exercise. 

The underlying health conditions of infertility such as PCOS, obesity, thyroid issues, and endometriosis can also be controlled with exercise. However, you must always remember not to indulge in strenuous activities and develop a moderate plan to avoid any side effects. 

7. Practice Safe Intercourse  

Practising safe intercourse is another effectual lifestyle improvement that will help minimise the chances of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, HIV, and gonorrhoea. These infections can lead you towards infertility and hence, you must always indulge in protected intercourse. You can also schedule regular pelvic exams and Pap tests to determine the chances of any STIs. 

If you’re unable to get pregnant even after maintaining all these lifestyle improvements, then you must schedule an appointment with our fertility doctor in Siliguri. The doctor will refer you to certain blood tests, screenings, ultrasound, and other diagnostic tests to identify the underlying causes of infertility so that it can be cured to help you attain a healthy pregnancy. 

Dr Priyankur Roy
Dr. Priyankur Roy


Dr. Priyankur Roy is a distinguished expert in Infertility Treatment and Gynae-Endoscopy. With advanced qualifications from Germany and the UK, he excels in providing high-quality medical care.

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