Know 10 Risk Factors Of High-Risk Pregnancy

Know 10 Risk Factors Of High-Risk Pregnancy


When a woman is pregnant, it is a blessing for her. Her happiness reaches no bounds and similarly, anxiety, worry, and depression surrounded her when her state is considered a high-risk pregnancy.

Advanced maternal age and some health issues are responsible for high-risk pregnancies.

Generally, six to eight percent of women face high-risk pregnancy issues. The woman needs extra care during and after the gestational period from a high-risk pregnancy doctor in Siliguri. With the specialist’s care, they may recover the state. There are the top ten risk factors below when considering that you have a high risk pregnancy:


Age plays a major role in women’s pregnancy. Women who are above 35 years may face gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and intrauterine growth restriction at this time. Similarly, females under 17 years old also have a tendency to have anemia, excessive bleeding, and malnutrition.

Medical History

Healthy medical history of a woman is necessary for pregnancy. Those who already have high blood pressure, diabetes, lung, kidney issue, autoimmune disease, and sexually transmitted issues have a high chance of miscarriage and other compulsions.

Pregnancy-Related Complications

Particular infections, little cervix, and previous pre-mature birth may be the risk factor for both mother and fetus, it may be also the reason for current premature birth.

Co-Occurring Medical Conditions

Co-occurring medical conditions such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes are not a good sign for a pregnant mother. If these health issues are not treated early pregnancy period, it affects both the fetus and the mother’s health.

Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is a gestational-related disease. Especially the women who have contractions have faced heavy bleeding for this disease. In such a situation, your OBGYN doctor suggests cesarean delivery to avoid excessive bleeding.

Multiple Pregnancies

Carrying twins or triplets is commonly a huge risk for a woman. In such circumstances, women have high blood pressure, diabetes which is a risk factor for them.


Anxiety and depression is not a good sign for the health of a pregnant mother as it can hurt your fetus. Due to this, it may be the cause of preterm birth, cesarean section, and low birth weight.


Around 35% of women are suffering from obesity during their reproductive age. High blood pressure, gestational diabetes, recurrent miscarriage, and stillbirth occurred in obese ladies. Consulting a high risk pregnancy doctor in Siliguri might help if you are obese and planning for a child.

Blood Problems

Blood disease like sickle cell disorder is responsible for infection in the urinary tract, preterm birth, and fetal loss.


Many women are suffering from gestational diabetes during this condition. For this reason, a woman has high blood pressure, cesarean delivery, and injury during delivery.

Pregnancy is a crucial time for every woman. With the support of an obstetrician doctor, you can keep away from this issue. Have faith in your doctor and maintain all the suggestive guidelines. Thus, you will be enlightened with your healthy newborn.

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