5 Tips To Avoid High-Risk Pregnancy

5 Tips To Avoid High-Risk Pregnancy


Every pregnancy involves risks and on average 8% of pregnancies is referred to as high-risk pregnancy. It is a serious condition that involves high risks to health for either the pregnant woman or fetus, or both. That’s why women with high-risk pregnancies need special care and treatment during and after childbirth.

Women who have multiples, such as twins or triplets, might face a high-risk pregnancy. If you’ve any pregnancy complications, you can consult with a high-risk pregnancy doctor in Siliguri to get help. If you are over 35 years or under 17 years and pregnant, then you are also in a position of high-risk pregnancy.

There are many different ways to avoid high-risk pregnancy, here are the five most important ones that can help you out better.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a higher amount of nutritious food that contains protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and iron is good for your pregnancy. You can also take dairy products,  green leafy vegetables, lentils, peas, beans, soybeans, sweet potatoes, eggs, salmon fish, lean meat, dried fruits, and much more to improve your health. After asking your doctor, you can also take prenatal supplements before pregnancy.

Maintain a healthy weight

If you are planning to get pregnant, then you should talk to a doctor to check your weight before pregnancy. Due to being overweight, many women face health problems as it increases the risks of developing different types of health issues, such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia. Consulting a doctor and maintaining a balanced lifestyle can help you achieve a successful pregnancy.

Routine health checkup

Not only pregnant women but almost every person either forget or tend to avoid routine health checkup which results in severe health complications later in life. These include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases like lupus and multiple sclerosis, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV, etc. Visiting a doctor and having routine health checkups not only helps to overcome these problems but also helps to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Advance maternal age

Women aged 35 and older might face several pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and genetic abnormalities in the baby as the process of fertility gets slower. In most cases, developing high blood pressure with pregnancy has been seen in women who are 35 years or older. Getting in touch with an obstetrician is recommended at this point.

Consult a doctor

Last but not least, whenever you are planning to become a mother, make sure to consult with a high-risk pregnancy doctor in Siliguri to avoid any kind of pregnancy complications.

If you are able to balance your daily lifestyle and take medications or follow your doctor’s guidelines in a proper manner, then you don’t have to worry much as you know how to avoid the high-risk pregnancy situation with ease.

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