5 Reasons to Visit a Test Tube Baby Doctor

5 Reasons to Visit a Test Tube Baby Doctor


There are a few couples who are incapable of having a baby even after a long year of conjugal relationship. If you are one of them, then you are not alonein this world. The main reason behind infertility is obstructed fallopian tube in woman body.

Initially, doctors want to recognize your sexual nature and endorse to boost up your chance of getting pregnant. They don’t want to test infertility at the very first time. The testing process is exorbitant and sometimes it makes uncomfortable. To get out of this problem you should consult a test tube baby doctor in Siliguri. There are a lot of reasons behind consulting a gynecologist for this issue.

While the healthy sperm of a male testicle expelled female vagina and continued to the ovary, the process of fertilization is perhaps completed. Man can need a physical as well as crotch exams to determine the issue. The reasonstovisit a doctor are as follows as:

Semen Test

A consultant can ask to collect your semen in a sterilized container for lab test. Sometimes urine test is necessary for checking out the presence of sperm in it.

Genetic Test

It is required to do genetic testing to know the reason of infertility. Genetic disorder not only may cause of male infertility but also it can intent to have a medically complicated child. Hence forth, you must consult a doctor for this issue.

Hormonal Check up

To measure the secretion of testosterone and other male hormones doctor may collect your blood sample for hormonal growth rate check-up.

While an egg passes through the fallopian tubes without any obstacle, merged with sperm and start embedding its journey to travel uterus, it is then completed. Gynaecological tests near you can find out if there any hindrance may occur in this process.


It assesses the state of a woman’s uterus and fallopian tubes and find out if any blockage may have in between these two organs. By injecting contrast, a x ray is done to examine the cavity is perfect or imperfect in between the fallopian tube. For this reason, you must visit with your nearest clinic.

Ovulating Tests

To quantify the perfect hormone level in a female body blood test is required. Your test tube baby doctor in Siliguri can guide you the best way of treatment and tests to overcome the curse of infertility.

There are some other diagnoses for women viz. ovarian testing, hysteroscopy, and laparoscopy and so on. However, all the tests must not be necessary for you. To get rid of this issue you must consult an ob-gyn near you, he will advise you which tests are necessary for you.

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