IVF - What You Need To Know

IVF - What You Need To Know


IVF or in vitro fertilization means fertilizing an egg with sperm in a lab and then the embryo is placed in your uterus. While all other techniques failed, IVF provides you with a new way.

IVF is the most successful assisted reproductive technology that supports you in making a new family. If you are unsuccessful in availing of the natural process of being parents, visit the best IVF center in Siliguri to learn the details of the process. IVF often helps you with multiple births.

IVF- Duration

IVF is an advanced medical system where the embryo is produced in a lab. In this complex process after collecting an egg from the ovary it is fertilized with the help of sperm in a petri dish. A few days later the embryo is transferred into your uterus. Pregnancy occurs when this egg attaches itself to the uterine wall.

IVF- Symptoms

A woman who is not getting pregnant after a long time of sexual relationship is the primary symptom. Women who are infertile face irregular menstruation on the other hand men who have such a problem suffer from the hormonal difference.

IVF- Conditions

IVF is a useful treatment for the following reasons:

  • A woman is incapable of getting pregnant naturally
  • Either of the couple has an unexplained fertility
  • Weak sperm is responsible
  • Choked fallopian tube
  • Chronic health issues

IVF- Process

After detecting the reason for infertility treatment is started.  There are several ways of treatment available now. Moreover, infertility treatment depends on the nature of infertility, its period, the couple’s age, and your choice.

  • Males choose to swap their lifestyleto get a cure for this condition. He is advised to avoid similar medicines, steroids, and excessive alcohol consumption. Have a habit of regular workouts, and ameliorate your marital relationship.
  • Consult a specialist who prescribes you some medicines. These medicines will induce sperm count, enhance the quality of sperm, and inspire the testicular system. The process will help your mate to get pregnant easily. Occasionally surgery is useful for you.
  • Fertility drugs help a woman get relief from infertility. The medication helps to improve your ovulation issue. As the drugs have both benefits and side effects, consult an IVF doctor before taking them.
  • With the support of IUI treatment lay down sperm in a woman’s womb while the ovary starts to release eggs. The IUI process still depends on the nature of infertility and it is regulated by some medicines. Hence, before deciding to take IUI or any other fertility treatment visit the best IVF center in Siliguri for proper guidance.

Have trust in your doctor and don’t be depressed, he will take you on the enlightened path of parenting.

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