18 Important Things To Know Before Selecting A Gynecologist

18 Important Things To Know Before Selecting A Gynecologist

Pregnancy is the most wonderful stage in a woman’s life. However, proper reproductive health is of utmost importance to ensure a smooth pregnancy experience. This is because reproductive issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, or hormonal imbalance increase the chances of pregnancy complications which can make the pregnancy high-risk. You can contact Dr. Priyankur Roy, the best gynecologist in Siliguri to get effective diagnosis and treatment solutions for your reproductive concerns. 

You must know that consulting a gynecologist is not only important during pregnancy but also before it. It is recommended that women schedule an annual gynecological examination for early detection of any reproductive abnormalities. If you’re connected with a reputed gynecologist then you can also experience a hassle-free pregnancy and delivery experience with minimal complications. 

When To Book An Appointment With A Gynecologist? 

Gynecologists are experienced medical professionals who can effectively diagnose and treat various conditions affecting your reproductive system. Apart from routine examination or pregnancy care, you may also consider contacting a gynecologist if you experience any gynecological abnormalities. Some such conditions include-
  • Pain during intercourse 
  • Painful menstruation 
  • Vaginal itchiness 
  • Irregular menstrual cycle 
  • Lumps or abnormal growths in the vaginal region 
  • Severe pelvic pain 
  • Trouble conceiving 
  • Menopausal symptoms 
  • Breast pain 
  • Urinary problems 

Things To Know Before Booking An Appointment With A Gynecologist 

1. Qualification 
The first thing that you must know before selecting a gynecologist is the qualification. If you’re thinking of family planning then it is a better idea to choose a gynecologist who is also an obstetrician. Herein, you can also check for credentials and board certifications which will help to choose the best doctor with additional and specialized training for handling complicated pregnancies. 

2. Reputation 
Reputation always comes first when opting for a gynecological consultation. This is because pregnancy is an important phase of your life which can make you emotionally and physically vulnerable. You must consult a doctor who has a good reputation in the healthcare industry in handling pregnant women with compassionate care. A reputed gynecologist will share a strong bond with you to offer a comfortable consultation experience. 

3. Location of the chamber 
Before selecting the top gynecologist in Siliguri, you must gather sufficient information about the chamber locations. Proximity to the chamber is an important factor to consider because, during pregnancy, you may have to attend several follow-up sessions which will be difficult if the chamber is too far from your home. A nearby doctor's chamber will also be helpful for you in case of labor or other emergencies. 

4. Affiliation with the right hospital 
Along with the reputation of the doctor, it is also essential to know whether the doctor is associated with a good hospital or not. Choosing an equipped hospital is as important as selecting the right gynecologist. Herein, for a smooth vaginal or C-section delivery experience you need a good hospital with advanced technologies and modern equipment. 

5. Note the health issues 
If you’re consulting the gynecologist for routine check-ups then don’t forget to note the symptoms you’re experiencing. The doctor may ask you several questions during the physical examination and this is why it is a better option to stay prepared. If you have a history of miscarriage, pelvic operations, or other gynecologic concerns then you must not forget to inform your doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

6. Seek for referrals 
Women may experience reproductive issues at any point in time. To select the best gynecologist for your concerns, you can ask for referrals from your friends and family. Knowing about the doctor from your near ones can also help you avoid certain gynecologists with whom they had bad experiences. This process will save you time in selecting the doctor while navigating you to the correct direction. 

7. Look for patient ratings 
Once you have decided to visit a gynecologist, you must know about the specialization and success rate of the doctor. This can be done by assessing the patient reviews on the online platforms. Going through the track record of previous patients will help you to understand the approach of the doctor and the comfort experienced by patients during the treatment. 

8. Availability 
Before appointing a gynecologist in Siliguri for your pregnancy journey, you must be sure of the fact that the doctor will be available in case of any emergencies. The doctor needs to be available 24/7 so that you won’t experience any delay in getting the right treatment. Herein, it can be troublesome for you if you don’t get a gynecologist during labor or delivery. 

9. Cost considerations 
If you’re pregnant or suffering from a chronic gynecological disorder then you may have to visit the gynecologist several times a year. The recurrent doctor check-ups also make it essential to know how experienced is the doctor. Herein, you have to consider the cost of the treatments and charges for consultation so that you can make the financial arrangements accordingly. 

10. Communication skills 
To build a good doctor-patient relationship, the gynecologist must have effective communication skills. You can schedule a consultation with the doctor to check their communication style. It is pivotal for you to know that a good gynecologist will always listen to your medical concerns, explain the treatment approach, and respond to your queries diligently.

11. Patience level 
A successful treatment for gynecological concerns requires precise diagnosis and an understanding of the underlying concerns. This is why it is important to select a gynecologist who won’t hurry during routine consultation sessions. The doctor should have the patience to listen to your questions and confusion so that you can have a fair idea about the treatment approach you’re undergoing.

12. Proper bedside manner 
Apart from the years of experience and reputation, good bedside manner is another factor to know while choosing a gynecologist. If the doctor has an improper bedside manner then you won’t feel comfortable or confident to contact the doctor and undergo the treatment. Two-way communication, listening skills, and respect towards your values are some of the aspects of a good bedside manner. 

13. Gender preferences 
Most women feel uncomfortable contacting a male gynecologist. However, you must know that gender must not be a concerning factor when selecting the right gynecologist. There are various male doctors with specialized expertise, skills, and experience to handle reproductive concerns effectively. For delivery and pregnancy, you must prefer a doctor with whom you’re comfortable.

14. Insurance coverage
Another important that you must know that whether the hospital where the gynecological is working has insurance coverage or not. Not all insurance companies have coverage in every hospital. This is why it is essential to make the required financial arrangements through insurance before opting for a gynecological consultation. Additionally, this process will also enable compare the costs of various hospitals so that you can select the best one. 

15. Available treatment facilities 
You must attain a brief idea about the available treatment options that the doctor offers. Women often have individual needs regarding delivery options, pregnancy-related interventions, and pain management options. The doctor must be able to tailor the treatment plan based on your personal and health requirements. To curate an individualized treatment plan, the doctor must be able to offer alternative interventions for the best possible outcomes. 

16. Personal comfort 
After all the considerations and evaluation, the key factor based on which you must select the gynecologist is your instincts. During your pregnancy and gynecological health journey, you must have personal comfort with the doctor. This will help you to maintain proper communication while clearly sharing your thoughts, intimate details, and emotions. 

17. Emergency availability 
Emergencies during pregnancy may come quite unexpectedly. This is why you must evaluate the emergency services offered by the gynecologist. The doctor must be available for you outside the office hours so that you can contact him in case of any urgencies. The doctor must also be able to inform you of the measures you must adopt to handle the emergencies to alleviate any serious complications. 

18. Technological advancements 
You must know that it is essential to have advanced medical equipment for effective prenatal care and gynecological treatments. The gynecologist must be able to use up-to-date equipment to offer you the best care. Herein, modern prenatal tests, ultrasounds, and healthcare monitoring of you and the baby are essential for a complication-free pregnancy. 

From routine check-ups to pregnancy care, contacting an experienced gynecologist in Siliguri will ensure you a smooth pregnancy experience with minimal gynecological issues. Don’t forget to prioritize your comfort and well-being while getting personalized treatments and inform the doctor immediately if you experience any problems. 

Dr Priyankur Roy
Dr. Priyankur Roy


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